I have an Fluentd error on phycharm using docker, how can i do now?

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Hello i have a issue with pycharm need some help..

I’m trying to run a Fluentd on docker
but i got this error.. can some one help me plz?

2023-03-19T15:32:26.306421175Z 2023-03-19 15:32:26 +0000 [error]: config error file=”/fluentd/etc/fluent.conf” error_class=Fluent::ConfigError error=”Unknown output plugin ‘zmq_pub’. Run ‘gem search -rd fluent-plugin’ to find plugins”

I restart the configurantion, and try to install curl -fsSL https://toolbelt.treasuredata.com/sh/install-ubuntu-jammy-td-agent4.sh | sh
this ones

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